xxxHolic Nendoroid

xxxHolic Nendoroid is a series of nendoroid figures from the popular manga xxxHolic. There are three main characters in this green-haired, red-eyed anime series: Watanuki Kimihiro, Yuko and Yūko. This figure comes in the form of a nendoroid. The xxxHolic Nendoroid series is a series of PVC figures and toys based on the manga and anime series xxxHolic. The series features character designs by the manga artists Shouji Meguro and Atsushi Nishijima, and is produced by Good Smile Company.

In addition to the standard Nendoroid figure, the xxxHolic Nendoroid series includes various different versions of the main character Mikako Tsukihi including a school version, an appearance in a game screenshot, as well as different versions of her spirit animals – a dragon and a tiger. The latest addition to the series is the xxxHolic Nendoroid Mikako Tsukihi wearing her Devilish Dress.

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